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I am really enjoying my participation in Project 365, as a result of the need to take a photograph every day I am exploring the world around me in a new way. Each day I look around me for things to photograph, I examine the way the light casts a shadow on the wall, I notice the fading red paint on a garage door that we pass every day on the way to school each day. I look at the garden afresh, no longer as a whole but examining odd corners, unusual perspectives, the small details in the bigger picture.

The image I post each day is usually just one subject of many that I have photographed that day. I do not take a great deal of time over most of the shots, just grab the opportunity to snap. I do wish that my technical knowledge and skills were better but I love the way I am using my eyes more.

The result of using my eyes in this way means that I am finding pleasure and enjoyment in unexpected corners of my life.

project 365, 27-02-2008

This little bowl was never meant to be on display. It was a little pinch pot made idly one day while just playing with the technique. It was never good enough to be fired, the only reason it was fired was a means to test a new glaze. It is completely imperfect.

I am not sure how it ended up on the windowsill, it should be outside in the shed, or even destroyed. However, somehow, it ended up on the windowsill and somehow it became a receptacle for odd shells emptied from pockets after days at the beach. Somehow, it now looks quite beautiful to me, the chalky colours and textures of the shells are so comfortable with the satiny glaze which sits so well against the sandy, biscuity outside with its imperfect thumb dimpled surface. The colours say seaside so clearly and I feel pleasure every time this little bowl with its precious contents catches my eye.


Anonymous said…
I admire your determination and eye to take this photography challenge. Truly training your eye and mind to notice things daily is amazing. Love the subtle colours of the photos! Cheers!
martha said…
i must say that i have been loving your photos. i completely understand looking at things a new way to find a different shot and how it begins to automatically train your eye to see everything differently.
Ali said…
Yup - project 365 has really taken me by surprise too. I'm loving the 'recording our days' aspect of it.

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