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project 365, 06-02-2008

This has been one of those weeks. Dylan has been running a temperature and very poorly for three days now, this morning I was forced to admit defeat and visit the doctor for some proper drugs and gratifyingly he has perked up a little this evening.

Dylan is something of a martyr to his health (a true man indeed) and has really suffered this week. He has attempted a number of self diagnosis, including Scarlet Fever. On Sunday he appeared to be suffering with no more than a cold but was milking it beautifully, when I told him he just had a common cold he spent the rest of the day bandying the term around but in a tone which conveyed all the gravity of a most serious Victorian style illness. I was rather disgusted but forced to repent when he woke up on Monday, properly ill. He has in fact been the sweetest of patients, apologising for being sick and cuddling up on the sofa. Of course, the house is terrible tip but at least all this sofa time does allow for some extra knitting.

The patient was to ill to enjoy pancakes with the rest of us on Shrove Tuesday but did think he could manage one, "just with lemon and sugar", today. I was happy to oblige and whisked up a batch, unfortunately I was forced to eat them all myself as he could only manage half of the first one. So, the essence of it is, in two days, I have eaten enough pancakes to make me rather seriously un-pancake like of figure.

All this nursing has rather kept me away from the computer and I am dreadfully behind in responding to comments and emails, I am so sorry. I am especially remiss in being so tardy to respond to Zoe, Nora and Elizabeth who been very kind in passing on the "You make my day award" to me. This really was an enormous thrill especially in a week filled with thermometers, Calpol and little sleep. Elizabeth has written a really eloquent post on the difficulties of passing the award on and I love her cocktail party comparison. I have been churning over the possibilities and this question also serves to remind me of how badly my list of blogs in the sidebar desperately needs updating. I have a very long list of my favourite blogs in my bookmarks, I have tried things like bloglines but just cannot get the hang of it (there is a very good reason why I married a man with technical skills).

Obviously I read, Zoe, Nora and Elizabeth and updates from any of them certainly "make my day" but I guess it isn't quite right to simply pass the award back to them so here are some other offerings, I hope, if they are new to you, that you enjoy them as much as I do.

Cornflower - it amazes me that Karen can manage to find something to write about, and write about very well, on an almost daily basis and I love that she introduces me to so many new books.
Joyous Knits - so many wonderful knits
KEDkrafty - the queen of lace is turning her hand to colour this year, I look forward to following her progress
marie fly fly - gorgeous jewellery, beautiful photographs, great knitting and interesting posts
Peace & Serenkitty - Vicki's photographs are gorgeous feasts of colour and she is one of those people I just know I would feel comfortable with the instant we met
Saidos da Concha - so crafty and such a great eye for colours and patterns
Red Yarn - I love to see her drawings
Chronic Ennui - not only does she knit but she is laugh out loud funny
honeyflake - quite new to me but I am so pleased to have come across her blog.
craftoholic - so much knitting to see and some rather splendid sewing too

So there we have it, a list of 10, no pressure to take up the challenge, but it is nice to let you guys know how much I enjoy your posts. I have left out so many blogs that equally make my day and I really, really need to stop being scared of html/template tampering and sort out my sidebar links.


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