Colour cycle

project 365, 18-03-2008

This package of yarn arrived yesterday, gorgeous Koigu, Kersti crepe merino. I bought it on sale from Purlsoho and it is destined to become the child's placket neck pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

These last few weeks I seem to have been craving colour, my flower vases are still regularly filled with bright, cheerful daffodils and I have been wearing more colour too, brighter scarves at my neck, less grey, black and brown, more blues and purples, greens and pinks.

I am looking forward to completing my feather and fan scarf, the green has been so invigorating to work with and I am eager to see how it will fit in my wardrobe.

Suddenly there seems to be colour appearing all over my virtual world too. There was the wonderful Green week which saw all shades of green appearing on lots of my favourite blogs. This combined with my green knitting made me wonder about my own reaction to colour. I think my own sudden need for certain colours might be a response to the changing of the seasons, the lengthening days, the change in light. This recent desire for colour comes after several months of enjoying silvers and greys, my daily wardrobe choices have frequently been shades of darkest charcoal through to palest silver white, colours that have been complimented by the light outdoors. Flowers in the house were mainly white until the daffodils arrived.

Ali, of Domesticali, mentioned that her affinity with colour seemed to change according to the seasons and I wonder if this is a widespread truth. Colour does seem to be appearing all over this virtual world or am I perhaps just suddenly noticing what has always been there?

The orange yarn arrived on Monday and later that day I came across Jane's post at Yarnstorm. My own desire for green is beginning to subside a little, now I want to see those greens combined with the colours of the blooms beginning to slowly appear outside. The yellow of the daffodils and forsythia soon to be followed by the bright, waxy colours of the tulips.

project 365, 19-03-2008

I wonder if my tastes will turn to softer florals once the apple blossom appears, the sun by now high in the sky, the days warmer, the colours becoming more bleached out?


Ali said…
It's interesting that you used foodie images. Because what I feel like eating ebbs and flows in the same way as my interest in colours.

That orange yarn is glorious.

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