Ruby update

Ruby continues to romp along. The main body is finished and for the most part made for very pleasurable knitting, the gentle rhythm of the cables caused me only one spot of trouble and those three nights of lost knitting turned out to be due to reader error! I really need to make an appointment with the optician.....

Ruby and I had a rather bigger disagreement when we reached the final welt increases on the main body. Try as I might I could not make the "kfb twice" increases into the previous row's "yarnover twice" increases without getting great big holes. I tried and tried some more (quite a few times more in fact), I googled, I read many, many of my various books and in the end I had to abandon the prescribed instruction and make out on my own with a creative sort of "yarnover once, kfb" on the first row. The increases look fine now, as far as I can tell, there is nothing glaringly obviously wrong with the way I have done it so fingers crossed.

I am now half way up the first sleeve and have reached that stage of knitting when I really, really want to wear the garment. The joy of process has been replaced by the urgent need to wear. Annoyingly I have a rather busy week coming up so I am not certain I will manage to bring this one in before Easter but I am going to try my darndest.

Flurina has finished her Ruby, go and take a look, beautiful, isn't it? I love the yarn she has used, it looks so soft and cosy.


yvette said…
I hope you get time to finish Ruby soon, here we have perfect weather for being wrapped in all the cabley-goodness, its freezing.

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