project 365, 08-03-2008

I am a fairly recent convert to tea drinking, I used to be a confirmed coffee drinker and only drank tea when accompanied by fine spread of cakes and sandwiches, preferably while relaxing somewhere in the West Country. However, over the last couple of years I have gradually converted. I still require a coffee in the morning and cannot really imagine starting the
day without my coffee. A strong espresso is still my "after dinner" drink of choice but the rest of the time I drink tea. Green tea in fact, I discovered along the way that I liked tea better without milk and especially Earl Grey with lemon, I remembered how as a student in London I loved the pots of Chinese tea we used to guzzle down with our cheap dishes of noodles or rice in the cafes dotted around the areas we lived in and began to experiment with different teas. I discovered, to my coffee loving surprise, that I really liked Green tea and now it is my daily staple. So thirst quenching and invigorating, so aromatically hot and wet. Still so good with cake.

Sadly, I rarely use a teapot and have yet not made myself a tea-cosy for our own family sized teapot. I think I should remedy this, I will keep an eye out for the perfect little teapot, I have a cozy in mind.

This cozy was a housewarming gift for friends, I included a Brown Betty, just in case.


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