Quiet moments

Yesterday was full of perfect moments. Everyone was in the best of moods and other than a morning trip to the butcher and greengrocer there was no list of chores to be completed.

The Technical Advisor and children disappeared for a
few hours over lunch and I enjoyed the quiet of the day. The day was bright but with a sharp bite to the Easterly wind, inside the wind was kept at bay and each room was bathed in warm sunshine. One of those days when I love to be in my kitchen, I baked a plum cake ready for the return of my loves. A moist loaf style cake with a crunchy sugary glaze, the perfect way to use up some over-ripe plums and fill me with happy, domestic smugness.

Later in the afternoon I settled myself on the sofa while the children played outside (they are made of tougher stuff than I and seemed oblivious to the chilly wind whipping them). I love to sit on my sofa while the sun streams into the room and yet I so rarely do it, daytimes are always so full of chores or satisfying the demands of children, it was lovely to sit for a short while. I could here the muffled noises of a complicated game of pirates filtering through the window and the oldest dog joined me, sitting for once not on the sofa (her prefered seating) but in shaft of sunlight on the floor, stretching herself out at my feet, enjoying the stillness.

I drank my tea, ate my cake, knitted a few rows.

I browsed my way through a pile of books, enjoying the pictures, reading odd pages here and there, some images catching my eye for the first time, pausing to make a note or a quick drawing, inspired and refreshed.

Perfect, quiet moments.


Anonymous said…
Sigh. It's moments like that that keep Mums around the world sane, non?

I feel relaxed just looking at that post.

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