Running on the spot

I seem to be in the middle of another one of those weeks that is running away with itself, I feel as though I am on a treadmill trying to catch up and trust me, a treadmill is not a natural place for me to be!

I have been writing posts in my head all week but the moment has now passed for most of them. I did make it to Wonderwool on Saturd
ay, I dragged The Technical Advisor and children with me, selling it as a good opportunity to give his new car a run and heavily emphasising the Food Festival part of it all. It was a beautiful day, and we took the A470 from North Wales down to Mid Wales (my apologies if the mention of a road immediately conjures up bad memories of being shoe horned into a corner at a party with someone who wants to tell you in great detail about the route they took to get there), I know there are people like that out there and I promise I am not going to turn the blog into my "you don't want to take that road, you want to take this one...." but really, the A470 is a road worth taking should you have occasion. The scenery is glorious and it is inspiring to watch as the very powerful, but bleak, harsh mountainous views become lush, rolling valleys.

Unfortunately the enjoyment of our journey was so
mewhat spoiled after the first 30 miles or so, spoiled by the aroma of sickness. Oh yes, the new car has been christened by poor Tilly who was horribly carsick. Twice. The second time was projectile. We had no wipes or tissues. It was at least 50 miles before we reached a shop. Anyone reading this who actually knows The Technical Advisor will now be sitting with their mouths wide open, knowing full well the full horror of this situation. The Technical Advisor has a bit of a thing about his car, he likes it clean, very clean (no, this does not extend to anywhere else, just the car), we are never allowed to eat in his car and he still has nightmares about the time he witnessed a friend put small children in the back of his own car and hand them a homemade jam tart each before embarking on a long journey.
Oh dear, just writing all this has quite brought me out in a hot flush, I must take a moment and gaze at some of the lovely yarn that came home with me.

Ahhhh, that's better, thank goodness for the calming effects of yarn.

Still, we got there in the end, The Technical Advisor did let his daughter back in the car, he even let her have an ice-cream (no, not in the car, silly.)

There was much beauty to be seen at Wonderwool
and I bought a little yarn of course but was quite reserved mainly because I was little overwhelmed I think. However it was lovely to see the yarn of many internet sellers, "in the fuzz" so to speak.

Oh, and there was this, decorating a table, isn't it beautiful? Made by someone's Grandmother, they think she used natural dyed yarns. The colours were gorgeous, so gentle and understated, unfortunately my picture does not do them justice at all, the light was not good. I have long coveted Moonstitches beautiful crochet work and this blanket reminded me very much of her work. Maybe this summer should be the one that I really sit down and master crochet.


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