More linen, more sewing

I have been knitting of late and exploring fabrics other than linen but for now I bring you more sewing with linen.

The lovely Cassie, a reader who resides in Arizona, kindly offered me a sweater's worth of lovely Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in a pretty duc
k egg blue in exchange for something sewn. Cassie has been so very kind to me in the past, gifting me gorgeous sock yarns and Tilly's lovely bubblegum pink cashmere scarf which has featured here before so I was blown away by her very generous offer and also a little anxious about my part of the bargain. You see, I rarely sew for others and my sewing skills are very much self-taught through a process of trial and error so I was very worried that my sewing would not be up to scratch.

I knew I wanted to use linen (after all, it is that sort of linen time of year) and I eventually decided on Amy Butler's Madison Bag pattern. I made this pattern a while ago and was eager to revisit it in linen.

This time I used a much stiffer interlining which does give a lovely firm result but was hell to work with, there was much cursing and the fact that my machine has never been serviced (it is 12 years old) was never more apparent. I used some stashed Amy Butler fabric for the lining and dived into the button bowl for some adornment. Sewing this pattern for the second time reminded me that Amy Butler's patterns really are very well written and the attention to detail is excellent.
This was also the chance to finally get around to sewing something from the wonderful Bend the Rules Sewing which has been sitting by my bed for weeks. I think I need to make several of these for myself, they are the perfect size for organizing all those bits and pieces that get lost in the vortex that is my handbag.
I was very nervous about sending off my parcel, especially as the finishing on the Madison bag really isn't as neat as I would like but I was delighted to be able to pop in a skein of Sofia 2ply which I knew would be well received and hopefully is the right sort of weight for knitting in Arizona.

Now what to knit with the gorgeous duck egg blue yarn? I have been pondering this, it may be time for me to have a go at my own design of sorts, I know just what I want but cannot find the perfect pattern so perhaps I need to get over my maths fear and jump in. It will probably be some time before I make a start as I am hoping it will be too warm for knitting with Cashmerino Aran for a several months so for the moment there is plenty of time to consult Mrs Zimmerman for advice and courage.


yvette said…
Good luck with the maths:0) Your sewing looks great,I love that bag shape.

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