Recipe for success

Take 8 assorted children and 6 adults, put them in one house on a wet bank holiday weekend.

Place children around table and feed lunch of pizza, send children off to play while adults eat their pizza and an apple pie bakes in the oven. Produce apple pie from oven and adults quickly decide best not to share it with children. Guiltily and speedily consume apple pie.

Sprinkle children with music, toys, nintendos, imagination and the "wall of goodness" (cushion related warfare). Give the adults a table, tea and cake.

All afternoon a pot of ragu bubbles lazily on the Aga.

Place children around table, feed lasagne and peas, water with milk and weak squash, finish with fruit. Put to bed.

Place adults around table, feed lasagne and chips, water liberally with champagne and raspberry wine. Hosts then produce Hotel Chocolat Dip to squeals and whoops of excitement. The lack of an hotel which is actually made of chocolate was lamented greatly by all. Adults put themselves to bed, just.

An excellent weekend with friends and of course, Hotel Chocolat, who thoughtfully make chocolates disguised as buttons, meaning that this blogger can hide them amongst her button collection to consume secretly and selfishly.

The chocolate buttons were a gift from my dear friend Kate and delighted me exactly as she knew they would. Whilst writing this post, I suddenly recalled that I had come across these buttons before..... Jane, of course!


Ali said…
I am bookmarking this post to read the next time I decide to spend a precious Bank Holiday Weekend in a tent in torrential rain.

As a call to sanity, you understand. I deserve a large box of chocolate buttons for surviving.

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