Sunshine, Portmeirion and a little linen

An unexpected hiatus in blogging but I am back now. My father came to visit last week, he brought Spring sunshine and tomato plants and we visited Portmeirion once more.

I love Portmeirion, such a magical place and it seems the sun always shines (or at least it always seems to shine when we visit). Many of the nooks and crannies of this village are instantly recognisable from various television and film appearances, most famously being The Prisoner, of course.

We lunched in the warm mid-day sun and spent some time on the beautiful sands, the tide was out and the sheltered water was perfect for paddling. We soaked up, sunshine, colour, warmth and scents, such a lovely day.

A strange combination perhaps, Portmeirion and linen but this little skirt was sewn last week, grabbing odd mo
ments here and there. The pattern came from Girly Style Wardrobe, ISBN9784579111329, blogged about here. Simple folds at the front and elastic gathers at the back.

Lovely linen with a pink cotton voile underskirt peeping out below.

A painted pocket.

A simple, pretty, skirt for Spring.


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