Liberty for meI have been gazing at this print for weeks, considering, planning, day-dreaming. Eventually it was time to commit. Time to draw out my pattern, make my alterations, consider my plan of action. Time to cut.

The cutting does not seem to get any easier. I agonise over cutting, so final, no going back. So decisive, so unlike me!

But cut I must, I cannot hang onto these fabrics for ever. This is a tiny cottage, no space for stash, I must cut and sew, wind and knit.

This one is for me. One metre of Liberty Tana Lawn. One pattern, based on this one.
The book is Stylish Dress Book, ISBN 978-4-579-11185-5.

I cut out the pattern pieces but made a couple of changes. The pattern calls for the dress to be made in two pieces and simply slipped on and off over the head. As I had just one metre of fabric I needed to be a little creative. I made the back in two pieces with a simple button and loop closure, the sort I often use on Tilly's clothes. This suited me fine as I love an opportunity to rummage in my button bowl.

The pattern uses gathers at the neck which I changed to more deliberate but random folds/pleats. Again I have used this method on Tilly's clothes in the past.

Unusually for me, I took my time over this dress and actually made a muslin. This is my first Japanese adult pattern and I wanted to get the fit right, the muslin allowed me to make any necessary alterations to the pattern and I used the finished muslin to line the dress, although something silkier would have made a better lining, we live and learn...

Nonetheless, I am rather pleased with my little dress, a very satisfying use of one metre of fabric. I will do a more detailed post on the book soon, it is full of very simple, basic dress patterns which are easy to adapt and there is the usual feeling of release and lack of intimidation caused by not understanding the instructions in the slightest, marvellous!


Name: Fiona said…
Love your dress - where did you get the book? I'm having trouble tracking it down.

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