The scent of happiness

Sometimes being in the kitchen can be the equivalent of a mental sticking plaster, a healing time. The actions of grating, buttering, weighing, chopping, smelling are soothing, enjoyable, absorbing. Certain foods and in particular, scents, are guaranteed to lift my mood. Nutmeg cannot fail to sooth my senses, the zest of a lemon is sunshine itself, stimulating happy thoughts.

Soft brown sugar to nurse and sweeten.

The act of rubbing butter, sugar, flour together, there is simply no fast way to do this, one has to slow down, relax, enjoy, be soothed.

Rockbuns, the Yarnstorm way (without doubt the best rockbun recipe I have come across). We will all eat these but they have been baked most especially for The Technical Advisor. He is a bear at present, there is car trouble, he needs to be soothed and nursed, he needs to eat something happy. Rock buns are his favourite. Rock buns are my sticking plaster offering, they won't cure his troubles but they will remind him that is loved and those scents of nutmeg, lemon and soft brown sugar will work some medicinal magic and maybe help a little.


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