To lounge

The Collins Concise Dictionary includes the following definition for lounge,
lounge vb lounges, lounging, lounged. 1) to sit, lie, walk, or stand in a relaxed manner. 2) to pass (time) lazily or idly. 3) a communal room in a hotel, ship, etc., used for waiting or relaxing in. 4) Chiefly Brit. a living room in a private house. 5) Also called: lounge bar, saloon. Brit. a more expensive bar in a pub or hotel. 6) a sofa or couch. 7) the act or an instance of lounging.

I rather like the word "lounge" and all that it conjures up and now I have the perfect thing to wear. My Amy Butler lounge pants are ideal for walking, sitting, leaning. They are very at home sitting on the sofa but I think in a beautiful silk they might pass muster on board a ship, I read recently in Vogue that pyjama style suits are to quite the thing next season. I like to imagine myself lounging against an elegant pillar, sipping my martini, making small talk with the captain (yes, in my head I am living in the 1940s at this point and looking like a sort of Greta Garbo perhaps).

But back in the real world, where I reside at least some of the time, these lounge pants are perfect. Just the thing to pull on in the evening and I have been wearing them in the mornings when I practise my yoga. I am less embarrassed when I have to greet the postman (who invariably has something to be signed for when I am stuck in downward dog) and some days it is something of a wrench to change out of them at all!

I bought the fabric for these some months ago and only wish I had got around to making them sooner. The pattern is a breeze to follow and I cannot believe I have made only one pair, because......making lounge pants is addictive.

Incidentally, does anyone else out there still use a real dictionary or are the rest of you all on-line? I love my dictionary, I pick it up to check one word and and 15 minutes later find myself completely and delightfully side-tracked. I am pleased to report that I no longer look up the naughty words though!


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