The continuation of a love affair

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has left comments recently, I am rather behind on responding and unlikely to catch up. There is a stomach bug rampaging at the moment and myself, The Technical Advisor and Dyl
an all fell foul of it on Sunday. We are recovering nicely but there is so much to catch up on, especially on laundry. So many thanks for the comments which are each and every one so appreciated.

Now, let us not think of laundry for the moment but rather of Liberty. My love affair with Liberty Tana Lawn continues, I do so love the silky feel of this fine cotton, I love the colours and the details of the prints, if I won the lottery I would buy bolts and bolts of this gorgeous stuff and just gaze happily at it all day.

For the mean time I must content myself with the odd metre here and there. This time another dress for myself. This particular print was always destined for me, too grown up for Tilly I decided, so a skirt for me. A skirt with pleats.

So here it is, a dress, what? Fickle? Who me? A skirt with pleats would have been lovely but I got side-tracked by a dress, a dress with a collar. My very first collar and boy am I pleased with myself. Once again I have Japanese craft books to thank for my foray into the world of collars. I have gazed often at the collared shirt in the Sew U book, full of awe and terror but the glorious lack of comprehension that comes with a Japanese pattern removes all that terror and nerves. Hey, it's just a matter of cutting out the bits and putting them together, I can do that. And I did.

So pleased.

Pleased as punch.

Oooh, and this time I got my machine to sew the button holes the way it is supposed to. Usually it sews them beautifully on my test fabric but starts chewing and spitting as soon as I begin the actual real ones. This time it did what I wanted. This time I didn't check the instructions before beginning. Could it be that throwing away the instructions is the way forward for me?


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