A little linen
Goes a long way. A tiny bib and rabbit both made of linen, probably not the most practical of fabrics for a bib but where's the fun in a practical gift? Tilly drew the horse and I traced it onto the fabric and embroidered it very simply, I love the little speech bubble she added.

This gift is destined for Tilly's teacher who is due to have her baby very soon, it is unusual for me to give a baby gift before the actual delivery but in this case it seemed a more appropriate end of school year gift, it seems all the class are so excited about this baby and they have been following Mrs Jones' progress avidly (poor teacher, just imagine the sorts of questions she must have been fielding all year!).

The rabbit is from the same linen, I just drew the shape I wanted and sewed it up but for some reason she seems to have come out rather feminine looking. I would have made another but typically had left the whole thing too late and had run out of linen, so hourglass rabbit it is.


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