There is a definite shortage of peace and quiet around here
. School finally broke up last Friday and we are nearing the end of the week one of the school holidays. The weather has been pretty good here and there and the days have been spent outside, splashing noisily in paddling pools, shrieking around the garden, there have been tents of course and plans to camp. Three attempts for Dylan, he set the tent up by himself (mostly), made it cosy and inviting with sleeping bags and cushions. Gathered his supplies, a camera and tripod, a telescope, a British Birds Handbook, his sketchbook, colouring pencils, head torch, a good book of course and Geoffrey the bear. All seemed ready, I gave him a walkie talkie for emergencies. The first night he made it until 9.15pm, the second night 9.00pm, the third night he was joined by Miss Tilly who fidgeted and talked, fidgeted and talked and came in just before 9.00pm, delighted to be going to bed so late. I knew she had no intentions of staying out, I suspect she may be more of a mini-break girl, she likes her luxuries. Dylan, I did feel sorry for, I know he really wants to do it, as he said, "I want to camp out but I don't want to, do you know what I mean?". Yes, Dylan, I know just what you mean.

Last night it was back to normal and both in bed by 7.30pm, the peace and quiet which followed was heavenly. I love having them home all day, I love not having to rush out in the mornings, the slow, winding pace of our days is good but sometimes I crave my peace and quiet.

This top is made from a gorgeous off-white linen which I have had stashed for years, yes, years! I finally took courage and cut. This linen seems to whisper peace to me, there is something so tranquil about linen, so serene.

I made my own pattern, hurrah, those Japanese books have brought me so far! Once upon a time I would never have thought I could do this but it really wasn't so very hard. I knew exactly what I wanted and I started drafting from a similar pattern in one of my books, I was making a lot of changes but actually it was quite simple. I love the pleats, they took a bit of fiddling and a reasonable amount of pin stabbing but they worked in the end.

I worked on this over a couple of evenings, while keeping an eye on my little part-time campers. Moments of peace quietly enjoyed. I feel a little more serene when I put it on, a little more peaceful, able to blur the edges of the shrieking and splashing.


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