In the very pink of it
I am newish to Sugar City Journal,but quite addicted. They do make the very loveliest of things. I was delighted to see their foray into the world of patterns and immediately placed my order for a village frock. It arrived promptly and beautifully presented.

The directions were excellent and it certainly made a change from the carefree winging it approach that I normally adopt when working with the Japanese patterns that form the basis of so much of my sewing.

I made size 6 and made it a little longer as my daughter is on the tall side and I really like to get plenty of wear out of home sewn clothes.

The attention to detail in this dress really lifts it beyond the ordinary and a quick Google will lead you to some wonderful interpretations springing up: Made,Three Pink Trees and Pink Picket Fence ,to name but a few.

I happened to have acres of this pink baby cord which really needed to be used or given up but I would love to make a brown version or maybe soft red velvet for Christmas.

**Oops, I didn't get the links quite right, apologies Dana, hopefully I have fixed it now.


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