Friday baking

I always try to bake on Friday, something good to greet the children from school and herald the start of the weekend.

It might be fair to say that I can be guilty of repeating the same baked repertoire over and over so once in a while I get out the books and look for something new to try, occasionally the new recipe is good enough to work its way into the regular menu and on other occasions it is agreed good but not to be repeated perhaps for reasons of awkwardness or lack of flavour.

These cookies were new to me but came from a much thumbed book, Rachel Allen's Favourite Food for Friends. I have used this book many times and several of the recipes are very regular features on our table but this one was new to me, White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies.

I did not use white chocolate. Surprisingly, I don't like it, I used a combination of darkest chocolate and good milk chocolate (The Technical Advisor is not enormously fond of dark chocolate so I often mix them, of course the great thing about his lack of taste refinement is that I don't feel so guilty about not sharing my secret stash of Green & Blacks with him.

These are good, really good, the burst of sourness from the cranberries perfectly counteracted by the sweetness of the chocolate. The addition of ground almond and oats make for a soft, crumbly texture.

The recipe suggested the quantity would make 30-40 and I considered freezing half the dough. I changed my mind and it's a very good thing I did because they are going fast.


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