Return of the mojo

If September was slow and gentle then October has been rowdy and rushed. Perhaps it is because I lost so much time being ill but this month seems to have raced along leaving me behind in a swirl of debris much like the piles of leaves in my garden which are stirred and blown by the recent gales. I twist and turn between panic at the time which is going too fast and all the things that need to be done and total calm as the golden rays of the fading sun suddenly illuminate little corners of my world, making me want to slow down and enjoy the moment.

My mojo, which had waned with illness, seems to be returning and my head is brimming with ideas, wishes, wants and plans. I continue to ripple my way through the evenings and the crochet blanket is grows day by day.
Yes Kim, the "dark side", but don't worry, knitting will always be my first love.

The pieces of the Habu jacket are complete at last and I have begun the somewhat laborious process of seaming those tiny stitches together. I opted for mattress stitch and it is on the slow side to be sure. The darkness of the yarn requires plenty of light and patience to stitch and it is all to easy to lazily abandon it in favour of the satisfying simplicity of the
ripple but I have promised myself to buckle down and get it done, I really want to wear this piece soon.

I leave you with red shoes. And why not? Ah Ebay, you have so much to answer for. I need something to wear with them now!


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