The shortcomings of my smug healthy lifestyle

I am sick today. Sick and cross. Cross because
I hate being sick. It began yesterday, my legs felt the way they do after I have done one of those awful Davina work outs but there had been no workout, by evening my throat felt full of knives and my head was aching and today I woke up feeling steam-rollered.

I am not good at being sick, it really does not suit me and I have something good to show you, something completed just before sickness overtook me yesterday, something I am really happy with, but it must wait now, wait until I am happy and bouncy again. I am afraid that I am something of a smug healthy living type, I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, I drink very moderately, I practise yoga daily and always take the stairs rather than the elevator, all done in rather "pleased with myself" manner. I frequently preach to the The Technical Advisor on all the benefits of my healthy lifestyle and given his own attitude of indifference to such things I get to feel as wonderfully smug and virtuous as I could possibly wish. Therefore, when I get sick, that smug smile gets wiped off my face and I feel utterly let down and cheated upon.

So, I am off to sit on the sofa, consume chocolate and sweets, drink hot whiskey by the tank load and perform no exercise other than the casual flinging of yarn over a needle because look where all my healthy living smugness has got me.

While I am sitting, I will be flicking through my new book, Custom Knits. It's good, very good. Knit and Tonic was one of the first knitting blogs I came across and I have always been an admirer of Wendy's knitting and wit. The book contains a very generous quantity of patterns, a chapter on understanding how to knit things which really suit, containing instructions on how to make your own duct tape dress form and an excellent chapter on how to alter patterns or even write your own with a good explaination of the Elizabeth Zimmerman % system.

I am off to be ill now. I hope to be back tomorrow with something good to show you and rather less moaning.


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