The colour of calm

The children frequently demand to know my favourite colour in the same way that they continually ask me my favourite dinner, favourite song, favourite film, favourite cake, favourite sweet. They are c
ontinually exasperated by my lack of clear concise answers, the favourite dinner question can lead to a lengthy dialogue, I need to know the season, the time of day, the variety of beef/potato/pea. The music question is very dependent on time of day, company, situation and as for cake, who can possibly choose? Actually, come to think of it, The Technical Advisor would choose Victoria Sponge every time. As the children grow older they are beginning to understand some of my indecision and unwillingness to commit to a favourite, for years Dylan's favourite food was sausage and chips, without question, but that is changing, exceptions are creeping in, he would not dream of choosing sausage and chips on a Sunday, the favourite food on a Sunday is undoubtedly roast beef and all the trimmings and there are other favourites creeping in too. Tilly could never commit to a favourite film, her choice of DVD is very much dependent on her mood and choices are generally connected to whatever her favourite game of the moment might be.

Still, when it comes to colour there is no uncertainty and they are entirely frustrated by my inability to choose. There is just no way I can choose a favourite colour, I notice that I am drawn to different colours at different times of year, I am sure this must be to do with light and mood. The children continually question me, they use the "but if you absolutely had to choose, if it was going to be the last colour in the world ever, which would it be?" but I just cannot say, I cannot bear the idea of cutting off a colour for ever. Right now, as I write, I am thinking about this question, for a moment I thought, hmmm, maybe mustard, maybe I could live without browny-yellowish mustard but then I thought no! It is so great with orange and brown, an essential colour of autumn, I couldn't live without mustard. Acidic yellow? No way! Think of the daffodils giving us hope and cheer just as we can take no more winter. So I guess there is just no colour I can live without and equally no colour that I can choose above all others, although I am pretty sure I will never paint a room in lime green and electric blue again.

The Habu jacket is seamed and waiting for buttons, the buttons need a special trip out and at the moment that is difficult as my car has given all appearances of dying this week. And so the spiralling continues but this pale blue yarn anchors me a little amidst the spinning. It soothes my eye and thus my mind. It's not my favourite colour ever, ever, ever but it is my favourite colour right now and luckily, it is Tilly's absolute favourite colour (pink was usurped last year) of all time so she is very happy that I am knitting Mia in lovely soft, squashy Cashmerino Aran, a very kind gift from Cassie who lives in a warmer, sunnier part of the world.


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