November's grey skies

It has always seemed to me that November can be the very greyest of months, right up there with January in fact. December redeems itself with its air of cheer and homeliness but November always seems to be ushered in with plenty of cloud cover and so far the weather has proved true to form.

Grey, damp days, we wake to a sort of foggy drizzle that hovers oppressively all day long, neither wet nor dry, a disaster for my frizz prone hair.

This year I have determined not to let November get me down, I will look for good in this dull old month. Tilly has a birthday right at the end of the month so that is should certainly bring some pink happiness into the gloom and in the mean time I can bake myself some comfort.

Apple Muffins with a Crumble Topping. I found the recipe in Delia's How To Cook - Part Two but swapped the milk for buttermilk and left the nuts out of the topping. I cut down on the ground cloves as the quantity seemed qu
ite large, I'm glad I did and next time I would cut down even more as they detract a little from the gorgeous cinnamon flavour but I guess it's down to personal preference.

Look, I turned the lights on for the final shot, November is looking a little friendlier already.

I just found a recipe link over here.


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