Life often seems to spiral and mine has been spinning for some time and seems to be getting faster and faster! I know that there will be calm again and I am trying to keep focused on that, trying to keep a steady horizon in my imaginery eye line.

Amidst all this spiralling I continue to knit and sew of course but as always seems to happen at these time I keep flitting from project to project and nothing is finished. It seems such a long time since I posted a finished object here that I might have to consider dragging out "one I made earlier" if things do not pick up!

The Habu Stainless Steel is still being seamed. Seaming is never my favourite part of a project and in this case it does even less to redeem itself. The end is almost in site though and I think a really good session today, perhaps fuelled by a glass of wine and slice of cake, might just put it to rest. Perhaps knuckling down to something which requires all my powers of concentration is just what I need, I will be forced to hold still and steady at the centre of the spiral, perhaps some of that steadiness might radiate out and slow the spinning.


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