The presents have been wrapped and ripped the feast cooked and eaten, the children up and down, the guests welcomed and farewells given.

It has been a busy week for us and now we are glad to curl up and slow down. Time to do a great deal of nothing, very welcome nothing.

Our surrounding landscape has been solidly frozen for over a week, it is a pleasure to throw open the bathroom blind each morning and gaze out on the crisp, still landscape. A landscape suspended, frozen into stillness, a landscape doing nothing, it fits perfectly with our frame of mind.

My laundry pile is large and there is no doubt that the house could do with some serious cleaning but I am just going to keep doing nothing for a while longer, a nothing which includes, reading lovely new books to happy children on the sofa, snuggled under the finally finished ripple blanket, a nothing which includes, painting projects, playing with Sylvanias, admiring complicated new Lego structures and watching singing along to Oliver Twist once more.

Thank you all so much for the welcome back and the good wishes, I hope that you too are enjoying a little bit of doing nothing.


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