Beginning again

Lately it would seem that I have been in the habit of showing you my beginnings but not my endings. It's not that there have not been endings, there are several knits requiring photo shoots and I really need to get to with these. The Habu jacket is finished and in regular wardrobe rotation, Tilly's cardigan is also finished and in use. I will make an effort to give these items full and proper posts of their own but in the mean time....

This is Ingenue fromCustom Knits: 25 Projects (Plus Variations) and Techniques for Customizing to Fit Your Style and Your Body
. I am using Sirdar Ecowool and lovely stuff it is too. The third time I have made a sweater in the round and as in the past I find myself wishing all patterns were so, it is such fun to see the whole garment taking shape as you knit, so relaxing to sit in the evenings just going round and round and round.
So sensible to have the opportunity to properly check fit whilst knitting.

I am just about to cast of the main piece and have almost two balls left for the sleeves, I am reasonably sure that I will not have enough yarn to finish but I am knitting as fast as I can in the hope of proving myself wrong. Because obviously knitting faster might mean I have enough yarn. Because, of course, you all know that knitting faster makes the yarn go further, don't you?


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