An old favourite

Ingenue was completed over a week ago and has already achieved the title of "old favourite" within my mind.

Knitted in Sirdar Eco wool, this sweater wraps me in warmth and cosiness. The unusual neckline, the cropped sleeves and the gentle shaping keep it from looking like too much of a "comfort before style" garment but comfortable, it undoubtedly is and I do feel rather stylish in my comfort. I had to stop myself putting it on this morning, I really couldn't turn up at school wearing the same sweater again, they would think some sort of terrible misfortune had befallen the rest of my wardrobe. It was a wrench though, a real wrench.

Wendy Bernard has created a wonderful pattern. The top down circular construction was such a joy, the only seaming was a quick 10 minutes of stitching down the folded collar, really no trouble, no trouble at all.

Wendy Bernard is my new best friend; this sweater is my favourite, my absolute favourite.

The Sirdar Eco wool was lovely to work with, it has a pleasingly sheepish smell (OK, I grant you, that sort of smell may only appeal to a knitter, but I assure you it is easily removed with a soapy bath), it is soft and the natural hue is so easy to wear.

I want more of these sweaters. I want one in black, one in cream, maybe palest grey, charcoal of course, green would be nice. I want some with more drape, more luxurious ones, silk and cashmere would be good, alpaca would be nice. Oh, I'd like one in blue too and I have a stranger hankering for one in orange.

It was a good knit and I am very satisfied with the outcome, can you tell?

Ingenue by Wendy Bernard, the pattern can be found in her book, Custom Knits: 25 Projects (Plus Variations) and Techniques for Customizing to Fit Your Style and Your Body I made the medium size.

I like this one, I really like this one.


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