Ripples and ice

Firstly, I wish all of you the very best of things during the coming year. Like so many others at this time, we are facing an uncertain year. The Technical Advisor and I have been joking for some years now that things surely cannot get any worse for us but in fact it seems that just is not true! On the other hand, if we put our happy hats on, it is almost always possible to see the up side to most of life's missiles and we frequently remind ourselves of how much worse things that could be, so we gaze out on 2009 apprehensively but with thanks too.

Today was the last day of the Christmas holidays, the children return to school tomorrow. It has been a good break full of enjoying nothing, the occasional trip into the frozen outdoors in search of adventure (and fairies). I love those adventures they plan, so often the packing and planning take longer than the adventure. This expedition involved Christmas cakes and apples, what better picnic can you imagine?

In celebration, or mourning, of the last day of the holidays today heralded a pyjama day, there was no venturing outdoors, indeed for any of us as a slight thaw on Sunday, accompanied by overnight rain turned to lethal ice today keeping us tucked up indoors atop our little hill. Pyjama day involved lego, disco dancing and an afternoon film, perfect.

The decorations are down and although there was a flurry of cleaning in their wake, I wouldn't call it Spring cleaning, the lounge remains filled with blankets and quilts, the very thing to accompany pyjamas. I felt the Ripple blanket deserved a little more mention although it is hard to give it full photographic attention as it is so often in use. In fact while still working on it I found that people sitting next to me were unable to stop snuggling up and making use of it. Perhaps I will give it a full outdoor modelling slot come Spring.


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