Some knits are quick

Some people always seem to knit the things you wan
t to knit. I find myself mentally taking notes of pretty much everything that Leslie knits and on one occasion even found myself getting there before her, just, (but hers is still my favourite for colour).

I came across the Thorpe hat on Leslie's blog last year, duly followed the link and then did nothing about it for over a year.

However on completing my Ingenue I found myself rather alarmingly with nothing to knit, I could have cast on for socks but somehow I'm just not in a sock mood at the moment. After losing some of my life to Ravelry, you know how it goes on there... you look up on pattern and before you know it hours have passed.... I forced myself away from the screen and turned to my shelves were I suddenly found Thorpe.

A Dylan sized Thorpe was whipped up in a blink, one skein of Magpie, the boy declined the plaits. When Tilly spotted it in the morning she immediately requested her own version and that evening's knitting was assured.

Cashmerino Aran and something pink to trim, size medium.

Kirsten designed a great pattern, it's an excellent hat, just the thing for a walk in the woods.


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