First stitches

I am always thrilled when one of my children shows a particular interest in something I am making. Being able to show and share a craft you love with a child makes you feel 10 feet tall. Once in a while one of my offspring shows an interest in knitting but it usually wears off a day or two later. It doesn't matter, the best part is always when your heads are bent together whilst you patiently guide and encourage. The enjoyment is very much in the moment of sharing an activity together.

Tilly's teacher left school on Friday, she had been covering maternity leave and had quickly become popular. Tilly wanted to make her something but was not very impressed by my suggestion of drawing a picture or making a card. So we compromised, she drew a picture and wrote a message and I helped her turn it into a decorated pocket for a tote bag.

This is so simple to do and of course I wondered why I don't do this more often but then life is so much like that and until I do that deal with the devil and negotiate some more hours in each day I guess there just isn't time to do all the things we want to do.

This really did not take long though. I traced Tilly's picture and used that special embroidery transfer paper to transfer her picture on to a piece of linen. She used a special fabric pen to write over her words, I'm really hoping those words are spelt correctly but know from experience that they probably are not quite right. I speak hardly any Welsh and have to take spelling instruction from the children and as I know Tilly's English spelling still needs a lot of correction I am pretty sure her Welsh spelling is of the same standard. Hopefully her teacher will finding the spelling mistakes charming rather than haunting!

I embroidered the flower for Tilly but she did the little running stitch all by herself and naturally, as creative director of the project, the colour choices were all her own work.


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