Fruit cake, cheese and a jolly good book

I have listened to adaptations of Mapp & Lucia's escapades on Radio 4 a number of times and occasionally seen the books pop up on some of my favourite blogs so it was high time I got around to reading one of E F Bens
on's novels. I tucked in eagerly last week and over the last night or two I found that I was purposely rationing myself for fear of it all being over too soon. This book may be light hearted in nature but it is still worth slowing down and savouring. The residents of Tilling are brought vibrantly and humorously to life in these pages, warts and all and my goodness, what a lot of warts there are. They really are a despicable and over-privileged bunch and yet one warms to them and their adventures. The role of heroine is dubiously provided by the marvellously accomplished Lucia, with her gift for Italian, knowledge of Greek mythology, talent for acting, organisational abilities and social skills her arrival in Tilling provides much for its residents to get excited about and in particular they get very excited about the impact her arrival makes on their resident queen bee, Miss Elizabeth Mapp.

Thankfully another book in the series arrived this morning although, to quote Georgie, "it is simply too tarsome" to find that Lucia Victrix: Mapp and Lucia; Lucia's Progress; Trouble for Lucia
contains not only Lucia's Progress and Trouble for Lucia but also Mapp & Lucia, the book I have just read. Oh well, I suppose that is the trouble with buying books sight unseen and indeed, pressing that "buy now" button rather too hastily.

I am very much looking forward to settling into my book this evening and I will be accompanied by a slice of fruitcake, made from Jane's excellent recipe as found in Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer: A Golden Treasury of Classic Treats
, some strong cheese and a glass of wine. Incidentally, if you should doubt my combination of fruit cake with cheese then I must urge you to just give it a go, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

As the say in Tilling, "au reservoir" for now.


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