Something red

Something very red indeed.

Red is such a difficult colour to photograph and some might say a difficult colour to wear. Red features in my wardrobe from time to time, there was a hooded red poncho/cape many years ago (actually if truth be known I still have that red poncho somewhere, just in case I ever feel the need to dress up like Little Red Riding Hood). Red is not a regular in my wardrobe, more an occasional feisty visitor.

Lately I've been drawn to red, maybe it is a subconscious reaction to all this cold weather and those grey skies. I keep fi
ghting the urge to paint my nails in fire red. I am in love with the idea of painting my nails but in practise I find the process of waiting for them to dry intolerable, it is so hard to sit with my hands still, unable to knit or stitch. Such a waste of an evening and of course painted nails don't really suit my lifestyle, they are for special occasions only; not my daily life of dishes, clay, baking, dogs and children.

This red hat is is knitted in the rather gorgeous RYC 4ply Cashsoft. A rich, bright red which perfectly satisfies my scarlet urges. The pattern is Robin by Kim Hargreaves and can be found in her Thrown Together book which I bought with a view to possibly knitting Rosa. It is sort of teasing me but I have some doubts, there are all those frills and there will be plenty of seaming, the complete opposite of my last seamless top down raglan.


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