tea and toast

I was so excited when I first saw Leslie's pattern for Toast. As a long time fan of Toast clothes, I had seen the wrist-warmers in their catalogue and gasped at the price, thinking, "but, I could knit those"; but of course I didn't. I kept flicking through the catalogue and my eye would keep straying to those wrist-warmers, I loved how they looked and could see how useful they would be. Then wonderful Leslie posted her pattern and I said "hurrah, just what I have been waiting for" and all winter long I kept meaning to knit them. They kept turning up on all my favourite blogs and I would think, "must knit those" but still I did not get around to it.

A few weeks ago I finally cast on for Toast and I think I finished them in the space of a day. What's more, they are just as pretty and useful as I hoped and now I cannot believe I have only one pair. Why have I not knitted more of these? What am I waiting for? So if for some reason you have been meaning to make these but just haven't got around to it yet then I urge you, get up now, go and look through your stash, grab a ball of yarn and get to it, you will not be sorry.


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