Welcoming colour

The light has changed so much over the last few weeks, for one thing there is rather more of it. It is beginning to warm a little and becoming less watery. I am still wearing plenty of greys and browns but I am adding brighter scarves, last year's green feather and fan is around my neck more frequently and I find myself consciously seeking out and taking pleasure in colour.

I am buying more colourful flowers and applying brighter lipsticks rather than my usual neutral pinkish brown. I feel like a Spring bulb turning my face towards the light and waiting to blossom. Ready to embrace, eager to unfurl.

I visited my local yarn shop yesterday with an eye out for something tweedy, something to knit this gorgeous pattern which I have been dying to get my hands on but I suddenly found myself unenthusiastic about tweed and completely unable to resist this relentlessly cheerful, candy coloured yarn.

Sublime Soya Cotton in pomegranate and I am knitting the Little Red Smock from this book It is a lovely soft, luxurious feeling yarn and very satisfying to work with.


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