In search of silver linings

I was overwhelmed by the many kind comments and emails I received on my last post, reminded of how lucky I am to be a part of this wonderful community of warm, funny, friendly and talented women. Thank you so much.

We are adjusting to our new routine and I am looking for things to be grateful for each day, be it the company of my children or the beauty around me, sometimes in fabrics, yarns or the world outside my window.

I always knew that Sunday would be hard, Sundays have always been big in our little family but today a beautiful Spring sun shines and who can be gloomy in the Spring sunshine? We went for a walk, the dogs on leads as their ears turn deaf to my cries when outdoors, perhaps I should record The Technical Advisor's firm tones for such occasions!

There was much to enjoy outside, clear blue skies, a fresh dusting of snow sprinkled on mountain tops in the distance.

The air is rich with the scent of coconut from the freshly blooming gorse that covers our hillsides. The woods we walk through are brighter than usual as they have not yet developed their thick canopy of leaves and just look what we found in there.

Glorious camellias with their beautiful vibrant, frilly blooms, flourishing through human neglect.

We returned with our cheeks pink and our appetites primed. Not a perfect day, it could not be perfect without our missing piece but a good day, a day to be grateful for.


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