A little sewing

I have sewn quite a few of these little smock style tops over the last few years, they are a regular feature of Tilly's wardrobe, great with jeans and the simple shaping means that the sizing can be fairly ambiguous allowing them a rather longer life in the wardrobe than some of her clothes, a very welcome point given the amount she has grown in the last few months.

I have gradually adapted and re-drafted the original pattern until I have created this, my favourite version so far. In the past I have often made them open at the back with tie fastenings but I am thinking that this closed version may be even more useful.

I am delighted with the method of closure, I love how the little patch looks. I am undoubtedly very easily pleased.

This is made from a lovely, soft linen and I was happy with its plain looks, the contrasting bias seemed enough but what do I know? Tilly was quite certain it needed embellishment. The flower is made from one of a bunch of little corsages that I sewed up from oddments a few weeks ago, they have all been sitting waiting patiently for me to sew on brooch pins and now I have one less brooch pin to sew on. The stem and leaves grew easily from the placing of the flower head.

I am picturing this little smock with jeans and a white under-shirt although perhaps not for another few weeks as my hopes for Spring took a step backwards when the snow began to fall softly and thickly this morning.


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