Victorious, almost

I finally won the battle with that fabric.

Gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn fabric. I don't believe my love affair with Liberty Prints will ever end. Not only do the patterns and colours make my heart beat faster but the handle of this fabric is so very good.

I have wanted to make this blouse ever since this book arrived, about a year ago. I have even had this fabric earmarked for it since last summer but typically it is almost a year later that I finally find myself getting around to it. In truth the collar scared me a little.

I was right to be scared. There was wrestling and swearing, there was a great deal of pinning, and re-pinning. There was even a little blood but I got there eventually.

I know that I frequently sing the praises of Japanese Sewing patterns, I am always saying how lovely and freeing it is to be working without understanding a word of instruction; but quite honestly, in this case, it would have been nice to have understood a perhaps a little of the direction.

It's done now though and I love it. I love that dastardly little collar and I love how girlish and slightly old-fashioned it looks. I think it will be perfect with rolled up jeans on a warm Spring day and now that I have the hang of it I think that Tilly needs more of these. Especially as I made this one in the size I had ear-marked for her back last year when I first considered making this blouse. So it will just about fit, for a few weeks, maybe a month or two at most.

Sigh, should have re-measured.

Kate, Lizzie? I think this one will be coming your way very soon.


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