Today I have been mostly wrestling. First of all with my hair. I wrestle daily with my hair so I am used to that but as I sat at the sewing machine to quickly finish a little blouse I had no idea just how fast the time would get past me.

I should have been wrestling with dusting and window cleaning but I just could not let this sewing get the better of me so I continued to wrestle. I fought with pins, they stabbed me back. I jostled with fabric, I argued with seams. I grew cross and petulant but I would not give up.

I took a break to knead bread, wrestling with dough is definitely more enjoyable than wrestling with pins. I returned to the sewing machine feeling positive and ready to win.

I am not victorious yet but the end is in sight.

It seems that someone around here could not wait for the bread to be photographed before sampling!


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