Beautifully neglected

Our little cottage sits in some small amount of land, to the front of our home we have a modestly sized garden containing three apple trees, a mossy lawn, some un-inspiring flower beds - redeemed only by plenty of lavender, several vegetable beds. We are south-facing and the garden ends in a pretty stone wall which frames views of the hills and mountains beyond; the views are another redeeming feature of the garden.

Behind the house our "wild garden", a small wooded area containing a mixture of oak, sycamore, ash, beech, holly and various others which I am unable to name. It is a big enough area to allow the children to have wonderful adventures and small enough for me to feel happy about them playing out there. The grassy slopes of this area are unkempt and wild and yet they offer me the greatest pleasure of all the garden. In the height of summer we sometimes take a blanket up there and read books amongst the long grass.

This bank offers me the first signs of winter ending when the snowdrops and crocuses begin to poke their way through. This year the snowdrops were followed by a blaze of yellow as the daffodils took over nodding and waving at me and now they have faded and been replaced by a gentle haze of blue interpersed here and there with pale yellow cowslips.

This haze of blue really makes my heart sing, it is heavenly to turn the bend of the drive and see the little blue tinged dip below the trees. As I sit here at the dining table I can turn my head at any moment and enjoy the blue dotted grassy slope behind me, I love how it looks in the sunshine, soft and dappled and I love the strong deep contrast of green and blue when the sky is cloudy and the grass damp. I wish I could do it justice with a photograph but a landscape photographer I am not. I cannot remember a better year for bluebells, maybe it is because there have been no marauding sheep or cattle this year.

Now all I have to do is hide the strimmer before The Technical Advisor returns for the weekend.


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