Chasing the blues away

The weekend came and went too fast. The Technical Advisor was expected early Friday but surprised me by arriving very late on Thursday instead. The sun shone for us all weekend and we made the most of it by travelling into the mountains for ice-cream on Saturday. It is a wonderful, winding drive through breathtaking mountain scenery, green and lush one minute, bleak and forbidding the next. As for the ice-cream, it's definitely worth it.

My Advisor returned South all too soon on Sunday but thankfully not for quite so long as he will be back on Friday for the long weekend and in the mean time I have something rather wonderful to keep me company.

The lovely Ulli sent me a parcel of cheer. This gorgeous Madeline Tosh yarn is a buttery soft merino & silk mix and the sheen and lustre make me smile every time I walk past it. I plan to wind it and cast on tonight, something small and light to go around my neck I think, perfect for those cooler Spring days. Ulli popped something sweet in the box too, Chocolate Marshmallow which has yet to be sampled, but I have promised hot chocolate for supper this evening and these will be the crowning glory. Vanilla Caramels too, which it turns out, are the perfect bribe sweet. Tilly makes "mmmm" noises each time she has one and Dylan is eager to visit California and seek out this particular sweet shop at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you so much Ulli.


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