Conversation with estate agent today

agent: "'ello, 'ow'ed your husband get on with the viewing last night"
me: "I'm afraid it wasn't suitable but thank you anyway"

agent: "Oh, why was that then?"
me: "it just wasn't right for us, the lay-out, room size, situation etc."
agent:"OK, bye then"
me: "do you have anything else that might be suitable?"
agent: "yeah, sure, I'll have a look, bye then"
me: "wait, would you like to know what our requirements are?"
agent: sighs, "oh, all right then, go ahead"

At this point in the conversation I absolutely know that he is making no attempt to take these details down, if he does send anything I can almost guarantee that they will be garden-less town-houses with no a "no pets" policy. But you never know, maybe, just maybe.

House hunting from a distance is a frustrating experience! The 300 mile commute is taking its toll, at this point we have not seen the Technical Advisor since May bank holiday and it is just too long for all of us. We have decided to start looking in earnest for a suitable property to rent and I am split between the excitement of going to a new area with new adventures to be had and abject terror at the thought of sorting and packing all our junk and finding somewhere suitable from 300 miles away.

So if anyone knows of a lovely property to rent in rural North Essex, South Suffolk that will take, horror of horrors, dogs and children, I'd be much obliged.

My mind has been whirring and my eyes are square from gazing at houses on-line, I am waking at night in a cold sweat unable to sleep without going to check that the house I saw somewhere or another had a garage, or a garden, or a bathroom....

Dorset Cereals little awards

In the mean time, an email from Caroline, a reader in London, put a huge grin on my face today, she has nominated me for a Dorset Cereals Little Blog award and I am thrilled to bits. Now, I feel rather shy and self-centred to say this but, if you would like to vote for me (blushes and feels mortified) I would be most very grateful.


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