Yarn interlude

There is a lot of sewing going on at the moment but there is still plenty of yarn in my life. I am still very much a learner in the crochet world but emboldened by the completion of my ripple I began another crochet blanket a few months ago.

This one is the Bon Bon Blanket from the Crochet Designs for Kids: 20 Projects to Make for Girls & Boys I do love this book, incidentally, Lucinda Guy's patterns are bright and playful and there is a little coat with is just too sweet for words.

I did like the original colours in the book, dominant reds and pinks but for some reason I decided on brown and pink and truthfully I am still unsure, some days I like it, some days I don't. I do know for sure that it will be a popular blanket for the ripple is the most loved and fought over blanket in the house, a crochet blanket seems to be the absolute perfect weight for snuggling under on the sofa.

I also know that when I finish this one there will be another ripple in my future. The circles are fun and I would love to make hexagons but the sewing together kills the joy. The ripple provides the perfect lazy project, an easily remembered pattern which can be rhythmically worked whilst your mind is elsewhere, the ends neatly worked over as you go, the colour changes spurring you on as you go.

Meanwhile, I make myself sew a few circles together each night, I regret not doing this as I went along and I long to see it finished and doing its job of sofa snuggling sometime soon.


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