Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day in the UK and I think perhaps the US too. Sadly The Technical Advisor cannot be with us this weekend but we hope he knows how much he is loved. Likewise my own father is across the sea but I am thinking of him today and hope that he knows how much I love and appreciate him. I know that he is enjoying the copy of Just William which I sent to him. Just William was his boyhood hero and remains right up his street.

Fathers often have the more difficult place within families. Sometimes the role of providing for their family means not getting to spend enough time actually enjoying being part of the family and we have certainly experienced this strain over the last few months.

I remember the games my dad would play with us as children, the silly stories and downright whopping great fibs (why does fatherhood seem to go hand and hand with telling outrageous untruths?) but as I grew older I became somehow disconnected from him, our conversations were brief, not at all like the long, putting the world to rights conversations which I held with my mother. Becoming a parent and watching my father become a grandfather helped to remind me of those childhood experiences and in recent years we have become much closer.

The experience of getting to know my father as a grown up is such a good one and I am very glad to have the chance. I vaguely recalled that he once kept bees but I had never had a conversation about it with him. How much I had missed, he knows so much about bees and talks about them animatedly, it was fascinating.

He knows about so many things, from borehole heating systems to engine stripping and Sherlock Holmes.

I fervently hope that my children will never experience that loss of connection with their father at any time, I am lucky and so thankful to have had the chance to catch up.

And now I hand over to Dylan and Tilly:

Dear Daddy,

Sorry you are at work, I wish you were with us and I hope that you don't have to do lots and lots of work and I miss you a lot.

Love from,

Tilly and Oakley and Teal

Hi Dad,

Hope the weather isn't as bad as it is here today, wish you were here for Father's Day.

Lots of love,



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