No sleep till Suffolk

The Beastie Boys song has been going through my head as move from room to room avoiding piles and boxes, going through my head in an annoying, cannot get the darned song out of my head type way!

I don't believe I have ever been a particular Beastie Boys fan but I guess you just cannot be my age and not recall a youthful summer or two with a Beastie Boys soundtrack. I'm sorry to say that I know a whole lot of Happy Mondays songs by heart too.

I don't seem to have slept much these last few days, I wake in a cold sweat at about 2am and then toss and turn for the next four hours worrying about packing, worrying about the dogs, worrying about new schools, heavens, sometimes I worry about who will win Britain's Next Top Model. I know, I know, I can't believe I watch it either. These are all big questions at 2am, big questions that you can do nothing about in the middle of the night and I really, really need to get some sleep. I feel like some sort of robot today, operating on low battery power, just. I came so close to posting my keys in the great big council recycling bin along with the plastics. At least the fright of almost losing my keys woke me up a little.

In the face of all this worry I need some seriously meditative knitting. I've been craving lace, I began by casting on for a stole but the thought of it stretching endlessly depressed me so I began again with the magical 299 stitches that mark the begining of Birch. Birch is perfect, gently absorbing and ever decreasing, with a definite end in sight. I imagine being wrapped in this light, warm cashmere shawl whilst sitting under a pergola in Suffolk, enjoying the residual warmth of a summer's day, a glass of strawberry and mint laiden Pimms to hand, a husband beside me and maybe some knitting, (oh, and there might be something suitably out of date providing the background soundtrack). A shawl to remember the old and welcome the new.


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