This weekend

I plan to take some time to sit in my deckchair and read a little. The deckchair was bought for about £1.50 a couple of years ago, I claimed that I would recover it and be sitting in it in no time. Two years later.... I finally did it, and guess what, it really took no time at all, I wish I had done it sooner. I lightly sanded the frame, waxed it and the fabric was attached with upholstery tacks. No time at all.

I picked up the rather splendid stripes at the Country Living Fair in March but the company, Deckchair Stripes sell on-line too, the fabric comes in deckchair width so there is no seaming involved, it really could not be easier and really should not have taken me two years to do!

As for the books, my reading tastes go in phases and these last few months my taste is for gentle, vintage tales. I scour second-hand bookshops for the likes of PG Wodehouse and have been re-reading Miss Austin. I feel unable to face modern literature at present and when the second-hand shops can offer me nothing new I know that Persephone will be sure to satisfy me.

I finished my second Dorothy Whipple, The Priory this week and I wept and wept my way through those last pages. At times the characters and sheer romance of this book irritated me but I could not put it down and in spite of the feeling of ridiculously neat inevitability which gathered towards the end I still sobbed and sobbed.
Last night I began Miss Buncle's Book which promises to be very much my sort of book, the sort of book I will want to take my time over, savour and soak, weather permitting I hope to do a little of that savouring whilst sitting in my deckchair.


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