Time for cherries

The sun shone splendidly for much of half-term week and once again I must apologise for my lack of response to
recent comments. My computer time seems to have been consumed by house hunting. My Google Reader list contains 161 unread blog posts!! I feel a little daunted. I am hoping to re-balance myself this week. It is easy for us to let time get out of our hands and feel overwhelmed. Recently I have let my daily yoga practice slip to, well, not even monthly if I am quite frank. My back and maybe even my mind are suffering as a result and yesterday I made myself spend an hour practising as soon as I got back from the school run. It felt as good as I knew it would and really it did not leave me that short of time for other things, they all got done, I still fitted everything in. "I haven't got time" is such an easy excuse isn't it? The truth is that often we just need to make the time and it can be done if we really try. So I am trying to remember this and instead of whining and complaining I am just going to make the time for the things I need to do and get on with doing them.

So here I am back at my blog and later today I will make the time to download and sort through the 900 or so photographs from the last week, including the ones of some rather fabulous little models who kindly let me photograph them wearing my smocks.

I am also going to make the time to finish off putting items into my virtual shop and opening for business because it just isn't going to happen otherwise.

I will not cheat at bed-time and read super quick stories because there isn't time, I will just read the long ones and after a few minutes I will stop worrying abou the time and take a breath and enjoy the time spend with happy little people who are not hanging around waiting for time but growing in size and independance every day and this time will not come back so I need to remember to cherish it.

And I will continue to house-hunt and find time to ring agents again and again. We will find house, it might take a little time but we will find it.

At the end of the day, after all this and more there will still be time to sit on the sofa and make a little knitting time, time to unwind and recharge, there will even be time to eat a few cherries.


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