A summer skirt

The arrival of the school holidays have brought to my attention some big gaps in Tilly's summer wardrobe. The girl has grown this year, my goodness she has grown, like a beanstalk I tell you. Nothing from last year fits (in spite of my insistence in always buying/making things at least two sizes too big!) So this morning, instead of trying to sort out the study or make sense of all the boxes in the shed I took the very sensible step of sewing the simplest of skirts. Just a length of fabric joined at the selvedges, an elasticated waist and no hem, just grosgrain ribbon enclosing the raw edge.

The Lazy Days Skirt pattern does what it says on the tin. So quick and easy. I used two widths of fabric, for extra twirlability.

What do you mean twirlability isn't a proper word? It certainly should be.

So if you have something else you really should be doing then I urge you to delay it for an hour or so and take the time to enjoy choosing a piece of fabric and sewing up one of these in just two shakes of a lamb's tail. Instant gratification for you and your resident twirler.


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