Blondie anyone?

My hair may no longer be quite so blonde following a recent, much needed, visit to the hairdresser, but that doesn't stop me enjoying the baked variety.

These blondies were one of the first things I made from Rachel Allen's Bake. They were an immediate hit and have become a firm addition to my regular reportoire. They, contain peanut butter but in much smaller quantities than the peanut butter cookies I make, resulting in a less mouth drying bite. They are satisfyingly squidgy and make an excellent lunchbox treat.

The only change I make to the recipe is to swap the white chocolate for dark chocolate, I really don't like white chocolate much and would find these too cloying with anything sweeter than a good dark chocolate.

Oh and I now double the quantities given. Because sixteen blondies just did not last long enough in this house.


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