In a Whisper

We have taken a few evening walks of late. As the heat of the day disperses and the sun gets lower in the sky, the light is golden and beautiful and we head to the woods.

I love the slow pace of August days, the children can stay up later, there is none of that urgent need to keep to time. No rushing them off to bed at the exact same time each night, by now we are firmly set in the slow rhythm of summer, the mornings are gentle and easy, meals are eaten when we feel hungry not just because it's meal time, we feel lazy and content. Periods of activity are followed by sitting in chairs and whittling or reading.

This is Whisper from Interweave Knits and was completed before the move but the photoshoot was taken last night as we made our way out to the woods after dinner.

Light alpaca yarn which was suprisingly quick to knit. One of those clever circular designs which require no seaming. My only complaint is the rolling edges, I blocked and blocked, perhaps I will work single crochet around the edge, or perhaps I will just learn to like it.

If I make this again, and I may very well do so, I will use a colour that fits in my wardrobe rather better. Perhaps grey would be good.


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