Of wheelbarrow rides and toffee

I have been meaning to write about Ripping Things to Do: The Best Games and Ideas from Children's Books, for weeks but I can never find it when I want photograph it.

It is simply never in its place on the study shelf and I guess that is a sign of its success. In a similar vein to her previous book, Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer: A Golden Treasury of Classic Treats, this latest title by Jane Brockett, of Yarnstorm, draws inspiration from the rich bed of children's literature. From that point of view it will be of enormous charm to the adults in the house who are pleased to walk down memory lane recalling not only the titles mentioned within its pages but also their own childhood games (I was especially delighted to recognise several of the skipping rhymes and to be reminded of my own Get Better Box which I put together after reading My Naughty Little Sister all those years ago).

So where is this book when I want it? It could be with Dylan, slouched on a cushion, silently absorbed for a brief period before rushing off filled with new ideas, or back to the old ones, like wheelbarrow rides. It could be with Tilly and The Technical Advisor, propped up in the kitchen, as they carefully follow the excellent recipe for toffee.

Or it could be on the table outside with me, next to my teacup, ready to dip into for a refreshing walk down memory lane or to arm myself with a few new ideas in preparation for the next time I hear "I'm bored..." being uttered


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