One of those days

It's definitely one of those days. The weather is not fine, nor is it terrible but it just isn't fine, we don't really want to be outdoors but we feel cooped up inside.

Fifteen minutes of happy play is all too swiftly followed by 15 minutes of shouting and arguing. I am tired of being referee.

The brisk walk I suggested didn't really help that much. The clouds chose that moment to really rain.

The board games all end in tears.

I am running out of ideas and about to throw the towel in
and resort to a movie date on the sofa.

At least that will give me the opportunity to sit down with a cup of tea and browse through my Rowan 46 and be thankful that tomorrow will be another day.

Hopefully Rowan 46 can cheer up someone else too. I have a spare copy which I would like to give away. If you want to put your name in the hat just leave me a comment on this post, tell me if it's bad day or a good day. You have until 10am next Monday.

By the way, 46 is good, really good. I can feel my day getting better already. I guess the chocolate cake might help too.


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